A Growing Movement

by Community Forests International on September 26, 2012

At CFI we often get asked to travel to new regions of the globe in order to help rural communities grow and plant trees as we’ve done in Pemba, Tanzania. Our work in Pemba is based on years of partnership building. We worked with our local colleagues for almost a year before the first trees were grown within community nurseries. We went through all the early organizational hardships together: a lack of funds, lack of a vehicle and the challenges of starting and registering an organization from scratch. As a result we’ve built a relationship of openness, honesty and collaboration. We’ve built our vision for Pemba together. We realize how hard it would be to replicate this process of collaboration, but we still believe that anyone, anywhere should be able to grow and plant trees. In order to bridge this gap, we’ve decided that the best approach to growing a tree-planting movement is to share our work and let communities around the world adapt our approach to meet their own needs. There’s an old adage, often quoted in international development that states, “Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.” At CFI we believe that if you tell someone about fishing, they’ll teach themselves. In order to share our work we’ve begun building a Rural Training Centre. This centre will act as a hub for innovation and experimentation. In addition it will allow us to accommodate workshops, which we hope to use to share our work with others around the world. We’ve got the building – now we just need to complete a few of the finishing touches and rig up some solar panels. If you’d like to help us enact this vision, please consider supporting this important project. 

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