“. . . a problem well put is half solved.”

by Daimen Hardie on October 7, 2014


The American philosopher John Dewey said “. . . a problem well put is half solved.”  If that’s the truth, a travelling public conversation called the Great Resource Giveaway is half way to solving one of New Brunswick's most long-standing challenges - how to appropriately manage our greatest natural wealth, our public forests.

This conversation landed in Community Forests International’s hometown of Sackville, NB last night and drew a crowd of over 70 concerned citizens.  CFI was there with our Tanzanian partners to show our support for positive change and to lend our own unique voice to the discussion.  Below are some of the well put problems, and solutions, that we thought were worth sharing:


"The forests have always been our main economic engine in New Brunswick . . . [and] the province hasn't made any money off the forests since 2007."

"You're ruled by fear when you work in the forest industry [in New Brunswick]. Fear of losing your job, of being choked economically."

"The positive thing is that you're here. You're going to keep spreading the message. Once you've been convinced, you can start to convince others."

Charles Theriault, creator of the docu-web series, Is Our Forest Really Ours


"35% of public forest should be conservation forest.  We're cutting more, and spraying more. 13,000 hectares of forest sprayed with glyphosate annually in New Brunswick . . . And we wonder why there are no deer on public forests - this isn't rocket science."

"It's our forest, people need to know what's happening to it."

Rod Cumberland, retired Natural Resource Biologist


"People ask how it is possible to get away with this sort of thing in a developed country. Welcome to New Brunswick. . . . We have a concentration of media, and access to information is being denied. . . . How do we fix this? We need transparency. People need to stand up and say enough is enough."

"You need to broaden out the focus. There's a lot of people focusing on conservation in urban centres. . . but we need to include others. We need to include the hunters out in the forest on their ATVs."

Don Bowser, transparency expert and President of the international good governenace non-profit IMPACT


"We can't wait for leadership, we need to become the leaders. . . . In Tanzania we didn't ask for permission to practice a different model. We proved the model and people followed. . . . Let's see what alternative approaches we can prove here, and what happens when we lead by example." 

Jeff Schnurr, Community Forests International

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