Adaptation and Mitigation​​

by Community Forests International on December 7, 2015

Problem:​ Even if #COP21 concludes with an ambitious international agreement to address climate change, we have still locked ourselves into decades of climatic changes that will cause irreparable damage to communities around the world. As the negotiations in Paris proceed, global leaders must not only commit to mitigate the root causes of climate change, but must also commit to adapt to its inevitable consequences that have been set in motion. ​


Opportunity:​ Climate mitigation and adaptation do not have to be addressed separately, as they so often are in climate diplomacy. In fact, in our experience at CFI, we have learned that good adaptation mitigates climate change, and vice versa. We see an opportunity to adapt ​with​ climate change, rather than simply adapt ​to​ it. By investing in appropriate technologies, we can finally step away from our reactionary position, and become proactive about the inevitable changes we face.​


Future:​ In leap-frogging centralized power grids and investing in decentralized renewable energy sources, we can both mitigate climate change by lowering GHG emissions, and adapt ​with​ climate change by creating more climate-resilient energy systems. Similarly, investments in adaptive and resilient agriculture will not only increase production and reduce vulnerability, but will also sequester greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. In the future, evolving ​with​ climate change will be the norm. Can a community harness climate change for positive change?

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