An Eye-opening day at this year’s AGM

by Ran Sommer on July 15, 2014

Our Annual General Meeting and Pancake Breakfast this past weekend was a day to remember! We had the opportunity to share our story as well as our vision with our members. Community Forests International has come a long way in the last 5 and a half years; from tree planting to solar solutions, we have seen firsthand how innovative ideas can transform the world. 

When we began our work in Pemba, our only thought was trees. When we saw what Pemban communities were capable of achieving with alternative solutions, it inspired us to bring that mentality to rural Canada, and the world. Alongside our Pemban partners, we developed the Rural Innovation Campus in Tanzania to create a space where Pemban rural innovation can take shape. The Rural Innovation Campus is based on a model that works, a model that encompasses values of CFI: low environmental impact, sustainable solutions, using unique environments to the advantage of both ourselves and the natural world, and at it's core - Innovation.

Our goal now, is to scale up our work and show that rural innovation is the future. We want to see more positive change in the world, we want to create a more optimistic future, and we want to show how people can take the improvement of their lives into their own hands. 

We have seen how working together can accomplish change. We know that rural communities have the skills, work ethic, compassion, and inspiration necessary to innovate solutions for a better tomorrow. This is why our next step is the creation of the Rural Innovation Campus - Canada. We believe that if we create a “hacker space” for innovators here in the Maritimes, we can see the next generation of good ideas come to life.

We know that we have a long journey ahead of us and many challenges to face, but we won’t stop until we see the potential of rural communities come to life. The first challenge in our process will be to involve more people in our mission; this is where we will need the help of our community the most. We know that people in rural communities have the knowledge and capacity to take the next big step in rural innovation; these people are the pioneers of a better future where innovation is reality. We look forward to what the next few years will bring; more than anything, we look forward to the changes in how we see our world and to the adaptations in our communities that follow.

To see how you can contribute to CFI click here.

The AGM is one of those all too important times when we pause and reflect on what we and our members have helped acomplish.

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