As the Planet Changes

by Community Forests International on October 13, 2013

Imagine if the solution to climate change came from the people that need it the most?

Community Forests International has sparked a wave of innovation. Pembans across the island are now growing food between planted rows of trees. They’re bringing bees into their forests in order to improve pollination and provide honey. Houses are being built from earth blocks, a sustainable alternative to both traditional mud huts and modern cement bricks. Communities that felt ashamed to be living in mud huts now have a modern style home. Women are growing food outside their kitchen doors. Villages are making an alternative to charcoal by pressing organic waste material. Cook-stove innovation has cut the need for wood as a cooking fuel, and the time spent gathering it, in half. As climate change threatens our planet’s communities, Pembans are working to adapt how they work and live on the land. By diversifying livelihoods and transitioning to more sustainable, appropriate technologies, villages are building resilient communities. Pembans have changed their communities and have provided an example of how sustainable a village can be.

Let's change as the world changes around us

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