Can a Nomadic Cabin be a bridge and a vehicle too?

by Daimen Hardie on August 6, 2015

The little 'cabin' that could - carrry your modern homesteading ambitions from dream to reality.

If you dream of one day building your own home or living off the land, a mobile cabin could help get you there.  It’s a great first build and a valuable stepping stone for the modern homesteader.  Come to think of it, I wish I had built one of my own 5 years ago . . .

Estelle and I built our own house to bring visions of living lightly on family land into reality.  We dreamed of growing our own food while nursing tired farm fields and cutover forest back to health.  It is now years since we began this do-it-yourself experiment and the experience so far has been richer than we could have hoped.  Up to this point though, building the house has demanded most of our attention and we’ve been left with relatively little time to work the land.  The Nomadic Cabin has got me wondering – in hindsight, could a portable shelter have provided the freedom to construct a more permanent dwelling at our leisure while allowing time to also bring land into production?  In other words, could a Nomadic Cabin be the perfect bridge to a modern homestead?

A tiny mobile shelter like the Nomadic Cabin has a lot going for it.  For one, its pretty affordable at roughly $9,000 in materials.  This for a charming all-season cabin that will last many years without maintenance.  Better yet, its portability allows it to be constructed in a convenient offsite location with ready access to electricity, materials, and - most importantly - help. That beats camping out in the woods and toiling away with hand tools, for the sake of expedience anyhow.  Yeah, I’m speaking from experience.

Nomadic Cabin Timelapse from Community Forests International on Vimeo.

Maybe what’s most exciting about the Nomadic Cabin concept though is that it provides a constructive outlet for realizing dreams no matter what stage you find yourself at in homesteading or home building endeavours.  You could even build a Nomadic Cabin before knowing exactly where it will  be deployed (another observation from experience!).  If you envision one day connecting to some special piece of land or building your own house without the burden of debt, I would highly recommend starting with a tiny portable shelter like this.  Aside from a good dog and the internet, a Nomadic Cabin could be a modern homesteader’s best friend.

UPDATE: Community Forests Intenational is now hosting a second open design contest for the backwoods cabin of the furture.  More details here: Can a building clear the air?

Nomadic Cabin safe & sound after 120 km journey from CFI headquarters to fledling Rural Innovation Campus in South Branch, NB.


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