CFI hosts 2015 Annual General Meeting

by Madeleine Smith on September 15, 2015

Last weekend we held our Annual General Meeting for the first time at our Rural Innovation Campus at Whaelghinbran Farm. Members who came shared in our successes and offered insight and ideas regarding our work in Canada and Tanzania, including how to better engage with members and supporters to strengthen our growing network. It’s refreshing and inspiring to spend time and share perspectives with our members!

In the afternoon we enjoyed a BBQ lunch and welcomed John Klymko of the Atlantic Canada Conservation and Data Centre, who shared his expertise during a Native Pollinators workshop as part of our Restoration Orchard project at Whaelghinbran Farm with support of TD Friends of the Environment. Some of us then explored Whaelghinbran Forest with Dale Prest.


With the help of supporters, we accomplished a lot during the last year. You can see a list of projects and financial information in our Annual Report here (with photos!)

One of our biggest acheivements in 2014 was tackling the challenges of sustainability and growth within our own organization.  We sat down with our partners at Community Forests Pemba to reflect on our past work and to develop a shared Vision and Strategic Plan. We also learned and started using a broad spectrum of organizational, planning and evaluation tools that have increased our teams capacity, and we set aside the time for introspection.

Our goal is to provide the space and agency for rural communities to create their own opportunities and build solutions for their changing world. We have set the stage for rural innovation -  now these communities can shape their own stories as they build resilience and adapt to a changing world.


If you are interested in further supporting our work, consider becoming a member of CFI!

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