CFI Planter Ambassador Program

by Community Forests International on April 14, 2010

Canadian Tree Planters

The ideas, energy and philosophy behind Community Forests International came from Canadian Tree planting camps – around the campfire, on the block, in the land, at the cache. Our members are tree planters, our staff are tree planters, and the majority of our funds come from donations made by planters. In order to maintain the strong connection between the planting camps in the Canadian North, and the grassroots planting movement growing in Pemba, Tanzania, we’re launching a CFI Ambassador and a Connect Your Camp program for 2010.

Be a CFI Ambassador

Our movement, our effort and our dreams need momentum, and what greater way to get involved than becoming a CFI Ambassador. In order to spread the philosophies of conservation forestry and forest renewal, we need to expand our numbers and draw on the army of Canadian planters that founded CFI in the first place.

What does it mean to be a CFI Ambassador?

As a CFI Ambassador, you’ll be brought up to speed about CFI’s latest on-the ground efforts in Tanzania, how we got started, and where we want to be. As a representative of the organization, you’ll be positioned to spread the word through your camp, and generate the type of momentum needed to change the way we lookat the forests around us. You’ll act as a key element in generating support for communities that wish to start planting trees, but can’t due to a lack of resources. You’ll be responsible for connecting those that want to get involved, to CFI’s efforts in Canada and abroad.

If you want to be a CFI Ambassador, fill out an Application Form.

Connect Your Camp

Since 2008, Neil Whan’s camp in Thunder Bay, pledged almost 75,000 trees in support of CFI’s Pemba Tree Planting project. Raising over $7,000, this Brinkman and Associates Reforestation Ltd camp has built new nurseries in Shumba-Vyamboni, Fundo Island and Kwale while paying CFI’s Pemban Director’s salary. When the project started in 2007, both Pemban staff and Canadian support team were operating on a strictly volunteer basis. The ability to pay local Pemban staff members has allowed the Pemba tree planting movement to grow while allowing those involved to focus on the dream of improved environmental resources and livelihoods. Thanks to Brinkman and Associates Reforestation Ltd, the trees pledged to the project were counted and the tree prices were donated to CFI, showing both the character and integrity of the Canadian tree planting community. If you think your camp or your company could support the Pemba Trees project, email or call 514-839-0546.

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