Chainsaw Safety and Maintenance Certification

by Community Forests International on October 23, 2012

Thanks to all those who came out this past weekend for our Chainsaw Safety and Maintenance course. We had a great group of people and a lot was learned! Myself, other CFI staff, and a group of chainsaw enthusiasts, spent 3 days learning the in's and out's of felling, limbing and bucking-up logs from Jeff Williams of the New Brunswick Forest Safety Association. The first day was spent out of the rain, learning the theory behind felling and how to properly maintain our equipment. We quickly progressed on to learn how to achieve a perfect wedge and back-cut to get our trees safely to the ground. On the second day we were rained out again in the morning, so we continued in the classroom with theory and discussion until things cleared up.  When the clouds parted in the afternoon, it was off to the woods for some real practice! We spent the remainder of our 3 day course in the woods felling trees to open up patches of light in one of Whaelghinbran's mature softwood stands. The beginners progressed quickly (myself included) and by the end of it, we were wielding our chainsaws with a true sense of purpose! The few veterans that participated in the course used the opportunity to practice more advanced felling techniques for trickier situations, like the "two cut back-cut" and the "plunge cut with a strap", and also learned a few good habits to replace some outdated (and unsafe) practices. I want to thank our instructor Jeff, who always found a way to engage both the novice chainsaw operator and experienced wood cutter. I know I feel a lot safer having learned the proper techniques. Now it's off to the woods for a little firewood!  

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