Come Help Us!

by Community Forests International on September 11, 2013

Free Lunch too! What: Brook rehabilitation, silt fence installation, and tree planting. At Whaelghinbran Farm we are working to continue the model of not only sustainable land use but also regenerative land use. We want to transform the space into a beautiful, productive and ecologically abundant space and we would love for you to help us do so! When: September 14th 9am - 3pm Where: Whaelghinbran Farm, 2002 Negro Brook Road (Off of Route 114 - Please do not follow your GPS)  

Tree Planting: We are planting shrubs and trees that will produce food, medicine, timber, and habitat - including Wild Rose, Elderberry, Red Oak, White Cedar, and White Ash. Silt Fence: Unfortunately, a clear-cut on an adjacent property is causing large amounts of silt to run into the brook that flows through Whaelghinbran Farm. We have worked hard to restore this sacred place for the past two years and we need to protect it. Our plan is to create a silt fence to slow, catch, and stabilize the silt run-off - working with nature to help heal the landscape. Free Lunch: Please let us know if you plan to attend and we will provide delicious food for you in return!

Many hands make light work, come to learn and make a difference with us.

Support has been provided by Canon's Take Root Program, presented by Evergreen. Thank-you!


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