Community Tree Planting in Montague, Ontario

by Community Forests International on May 2, 2009

Community Forests International assisted Montague Public School in planting over 1000 seedlings on May 2, 2009. Montague Public School is going to participate in the Global Schools Link and connect to a school in Pemba, Tanzania to explore the effects of climate change on their regions.

Spearheaded by the Montague Development Committee, the planting was part of a community greening project that will see the creation of a naturalized green learning environment by restoring unused agricultural land into a forest ecosystem. The project will develop the school’s 59-acre plot into an outdoor classroom by restoring two wetlands and through the planting of thousands of trees, providing the students at this rural K-8 school with a green learning environment.

Montague Public School will be taking part in Community Forests International’s Global Schools Link, a cross-cultural learning initiative that will pair Montague Public School with Port Elgin Regional School in New Brunswick and Uweleni Secondary School in Pemba, Tanzania in order to provide participating students with a first-hand global understanding of climate change. This partnership will provide global youth with the tools necessary to combat climate change, uniting environmental activities like Montague Public School’s tree planting efforts to a network of similar initiatives by building a global network capable of facilitating positive world change.

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