Ecoforestry Workshop - Hands-on in the Forest

by Community Forests International on September 4, 2012

Thanks to all those who came out to our Ecological Forestry Course this weekend! Jamie Simpson, Professional forester and author of Restoring the Acadian Forest, guided us through the functions of a forest and gave us the tools to explore the past, present and future of a working woodlot. While traipsing around the forest on the first day, we learned how to identify tree species and explored forest and tree cycles so we could better restore and manage our forests. On the second looked at how participants could manage their woodlots, focusing on working with nature to create a healthy and productive woodland. We spent the day in several different forest stand types looking at trees and discussing how and why we would cut or leave them. We then considered entire stand types or forest units, drawing on our new found insight in order to explore restorative management scenarios for large areas of forest. Thanks again to all who participated over the weekend. Great to meet you all! We will continue to build on our understanding of the forest this fall with several exciting workshops and short courses.  Our next workshop will be  a free Watercourse Restoration Workshop at Whaelghinbran Farm October 13th. All are welcome, so please come and join us! Hope to see you there!

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