Edible Landscaping Workshop

by Ran Sommer on June 23, 2014

What a great way to bring in this year’s Summer Solstice! Our Edible Landscaping workshop this Weekend was an amazing success! With a phenomenal group of Food Forests enthusiasts, led by our exceptional Permaculture expert, Graham Calder of P3 Permaculture, we delved into the complexities of growing a food forest in your backyard. Understanding and catering specifically to your garden was this workshop’s biggest take-away. Every garden will have its own unique environment, and the first step to creating your own sustainable food forest is having a deep understanding of the environment that is specific to your garden. This is when you can create your own abundant food forest which will react and cater to the environment it is in.

We learned all that and so much more with Graham, as well as our very own Estelle Drisdelle and Daimen Hardie. It was a treat to have the Community Garden Bake-Oven event right next to us so we could snack on delicious baked goods made in the Unique Wood-Fired Bake Oven. Overall, we had an amazing time, learned exceptional things, and enjoyed the great company of Graham and Marie Claire, as well as all the participants! Thank you for joining us and we look forward to hosting more amazing workshops like this in the future. A big thank you is deserved to Tree Canada who made this workshop possible!

Have a happy Summer!

“We’ve been hosting this workshop annually for 5 years now - and this year we had the biggest turn out yet. So good to see gardening with nature becoming more and more popular in the Maritimes!” - Daimen Hardie, Program Director

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