Global Schools Link Launched

by Community Forests International on April 17, 2009


Community Forests International is proud to launch of the Global Schools Link, a web based school twinning project that connects a school in Pemba, Tanzania with schools in Canada. The Global Schools Link allows students from around the world to create online profiles and classroom blogs in order to share environmental information and their tree planting activities, fostering a global network of climate change initiatives.

On April 17th, students in the Environmental Club at Uweleni Secondary School planted 36 trees of various spice, fruit and timber species and then logged onto the Global Schools Link to create student profiles. The students were delighted to upload their profile picture and biography information onto the site in order to participate in the scheduled epenpal correspondence with Canadian students.

The program will see the students sharing information about regional plants and animals, and the impacts of climate change, in order to understand the environmental similarities and differences our world’s geographic regions are experiencing as Greenhouse Gas Emissions alter our global climate. By planting trees in both Canada and Pemba, Tanzania, and by sharing information about their activities, the participating students will take an active role in the fight against global warming.

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