GSL in India!

by Community Forests International on January 29, 2010

Having spent the last several days visiting Pitchandikulam Forests and its surrounding projects, Lourdes and myself have decided that Nadukuppam High School is a perfect candidate for the Global Schools Link ( GSL) in India. Yesterday I returned to the school to give presentations to the Headmaster, Teachers and Students concerning Community Forests International (CFI) and the GSL. The day was a great success and the program was met with a real enthusiastic vigor.

Tree planting1(1) 

The students were especially excited to speak with children in Tanzania, when they saw how similar  the landscape and biota looked.  After speaking to the school, I had the honor of planting a tree with some of the younger students.

Tree planting (2)

This was a symbolic act to mark the beginning of the GSL here at the school.  The same students are responsible for the care of this medicinal tree and can see it grow  alongside the project during their time at the school. I am relly thrilled to be working with Lourdes and Pitchandikullam Forest, and Nadukuppam High school, as they are really very progressive, and can bring a lot to the GSL and the schools that comprise it. Below is some pictures of Nadukuppam High School’s water filtration system which cleans waste water from bathrooms through a 5 phase natural system, using a solar pump to finally get the water to the onsite nursery and surrounding environment.

Blackwater Filtration, Nadukuppam 

Solar Pump, Nadukuppam 

Here is a small spirulina (algae) production managed by Pitchandikulam Forest. It is  set up near  the school. The spirulina produced here is self sustaining financially and also provides the school with the super food for inclusion in school meals (which are also grown onsite by the children in the vegetable garden club!)

Spirulina Production (1) 

Spirulina Production (2) 

This area is also used as a place for women groups and medicinal healers to meet and learn about a host of different things (from smokeless stove operation to sewing classes) and share and teach each other new skills. They are also developing a model home for the village level on this site, which comprises appropriate technologies to improve life and reduce costs. Lastly there is a huge section devoted to restoration of arid land, and will become a area of food production and forest.   All in all a great new partnership has been developed and I look forward to future collaborations with all our new partners!

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