India Update

by Community Forests International on February 16, 2010

Having finished working with Nadukuppam High School (and Pitchandikulam Forest), I have settled into a month of travelling. Being drawn to natural wonders, I visited Hampi, Karnataka for a week. Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage site that covers a huge area surrounding what is now the current town. Like most well know amazing places in India, Hampi is quite busy with tourist and travelers.


Strangely though, as soon as you get out of the main bazaar/town and start to explore, most everyone disappears, and your left surrounded by this fantastic landscape and temple after temple, structure after structure to explore. I rented a scooter and just soaked it all in, climbing giant boulders and visiting the ruins of a 700 year old civilization. It is a magical experience to stumble on one  of these more secluded  structures or rock formations all by yourself. A well enjoyed break from the normal hustle and bustle of India.

Hampi Landscape

ruins (in great shape)

I’m now in Delhi. The “Big Hazy”. I came initially to meet a friend of mine, Vikas Gora, an amazing man whom I had the opportunity to spend a week with on my previous trip to India. Vikas heads up Disaster relief for all of India, and has spent a lot of his academic career studying community forestry and how to help coastal and Island communities lessen, mitigate, and manage disaster. We caught up and realized how much our areas of interest are overlapping (I found out  he did his thesis on aspects of community forestry!!) and have laid the ground work for future collaborations.

Cloth Market, Delhi 2

Red Fort, Delhi

Getting ready to leave Delhi soon. I’m off to Rishikesh for a dip in the glacial waters near the mouth of the Ganges. A little cold, but I hear it pays great spiritual dividends.   Aside from the photos here, I have uploaded a lot more to our flicker page.

Great to hear that Daimen and Estelle have arrived safely In Pemba. Looking forward to finally get a chance to meet all our team in Pemba in person! See you in 2 weeks!

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