Mariam’s Story

by Community Forests International on November 24, 2017


This month, Community Forests International is sharing the impact our supporters are having on the lives of everyday people on Pemba Island, Tanzania - one of the world's most threatened regions.

These stories come from farmers, fishermen, and families on the frontlines of climate change who are are blazing a new path for us all. We hope that they inspire you with the ability we all have to make a positive impact in this world. Tuko pamoja - we are together.



Meet Mariam,

With smart, water-conserving design Mariam's market garden produces in all seasons.

Mariam lives near Vitongoji village in the semi-arid eastern half of Pemba Island. Struggling to grow crops in this challenging environment, Mariam's garden quickly expanded when she began receiving training and supports from Forests Intl.  She now teaches others in her community how to grow food in abundance with smart design and low inputs.

In her first season working with Forests Intl., Mariam grew enough to feed her family with surplus leftover to sell. Motivated by this success, Mariam then expanded her market garden with follow-on training in organic pest control, seed saving, nursery production, and composting.  Faced with the constant challenge of water scarcity, Mariam constructed a rainwater collection system this year that allows her to produce food even in the driest seasons. Mariam makes $500 annually from her garden, saves all her own seed, and provides her family with a variety of vegetables every day of the week. What is even more inspiring is that Mariam started training other women in her community and there are now over 50 family gardens in Vitongoji village!

Invest in Mariam

As a rising entrepreneur, Mariam's next challenge is to figure out how best to market the vegetables that she and her neigbours are producing - a good problem. In response, Community Forests International plans to expand supports this year to include business training and microfinance. For every new monthly donation of $15, Community Forest Internation can provide training and ongoing assistance to another emerging leader like Mariam.



Growing Change

From helping communities protect their endangered forests to enabling women in Pemba to create their own green businesses, Community Forests International is committed to working in partnership with people and communities to fight poverty in ways that heal the planet. Please read on and learn how we're putting your generous donations to work in our collective fight against climate change.  



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