Saidi’s Story

by Community Forests International on November 28, 2017


This month, Community Forests International is sharing the impact our supporters are having on the lives of everyday people on Pemba Island, Tanzania - one of the world's most threatened regions.

These stories come from farmers, fishermen, and families on the frontlines of climate change who are are blazing a new path for us all. We hope that they inspire you with the ability we all have to make a positive impact in this world. Tuko pamoja - we are together.



Meet Saidi,

Pineapple, orange, coconut, and banana - the first planting in this small section of Saidi's budding agroforest. Saidi's family is transitioning their farmland into a diverse food-producing ecosystem that is good for people and the planet. 

When we first started working with Saidi, he was only growing cassava - the island's most common vegetable. With training, plant material, and a lot of sweat on his behalf, Saidi has transformed his 9 acre, low-value cassava farm into a budding agroforestry system! He is now growing trees like jackfruit, mango, coconut, casuarina, and teak alongside a diversity of crops like banana, pineapple, turmeric, black pepper and more - increasing his family's income while building a climate-resilient agricultural system that operates more like a forest than a farm. Saidi and hundreds of others who are making the transition have already noticed a big difference in the productivity of their soils, with 72% of farmers indicating that their land fertility has increased. Thanks to a partnership with Lush Cosmetics, farmers like Saidi have also begun to export their spice to fair trade markets in Europe.

Next Steps

Earlier this year Saidi and other farmers participated in a study tour of agroforestry systems on mainland of Tanzania. Inspired by what he saw there, Saidi is now working with Forests Intl. to host local ‘Farmer Field School’ on his property to help others in his community to learn new techniques. Demonstration sites like Saidi’s offer a great way to spread new ideas - all while highlighting local expertise and successes.

Invest In Saidi

Please consider helping us bring a Farmer Field School to Saidi’s community. With a monthly donation of $65 we can establsih a new local knowledge centre dedicated to growing grassroot solutions to poverty and climate change.


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