Join the Timber Framing Revival!

by Community Forests International on July 30, 2013

Timber framing, or post and beam construction, is the art of building structures out of heavy timber joined together with carefully carved and interlocking wooden joints, pegs, wedges, and splines (no nails, screws, or metal fasteners of any description required).  The basic techniques date back to the Neolithic era and have been used all over the world; in Japan, throughout the Roman empire, and across Europe and North America.

The timber framing tradition has gone through several transformations and revolutions over the centuries.  Recently (since the 70s), it has experienced a revival of sorts throughout North America led by individuals such as Jack Sobon, Tedd Benson, and Steve Chappell.  The CFI team shares a passion for timber framing – we build post and beam houses, cabins, and open-air classrooms.   The penchant is likely rooted in our love of healthy forests and giant trees, both of which are critical to supplying the large, high quality timbers used in timber frame construction.

For past 3 years CFI has been hosting hands-on workshops to provide the basic skills necessary to embark on personal timber framing projects.  This year we’ll be working with course participants on a frame for our future office on-site as well as a small frame for a washroom facility.  We’ll take the 6' x 12' 'mini-frame' from carving to raising in a single  day - providing the full timber framing experience to participants.

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