Living Proof

by Daimen Hardie on May 25, 2017

Young tree planters on Makoongwe islet, Pemba.


Every spring, tree planters coast-to-coast in Canada’s forest industry prove that there is hope in the face of climate change.

Not just by planting trees, as important as that is, but by demonstrating their solidarity with people halfway around the world who struggle with climate change every day.

These hardworking individuals send a portion of their earnings to a small island off the coast of East Africa that is home to over 400,000 people.  The funds allow communities there to make investments in innovation -  things like solar energy, food & water security, and restoring lost forests. Empowering people directly affected by climate change to take such bold actions is one of the most impactful things that we can do to help.

Results of the 2016 Plant for Pemba campaign.


Climate change is a call to action. It’s an opportunity to reimagine how we create wealth, generate energy, care for the land, and care for one another.

Business as usual got us to this point and it's not optimized for the future. In fact, with each day our old models remain in operation they put our future at greater and greater risk.

Together we can build a new operating system – based on new technologies, new ideas, and new understanding. We can learn and adapt. To make this happen we need to think about the problem of climate change as a motive to create far-reaching positive change, and then get to work. The tree planters who make our work possible understand this. As an organization founded by four tree planters, in a lot of ways their story is the story of Forests Intl. Check it out:

Forests Intl. was founded in 2008 by Canadian tree-planters. This is our story.


This year we're asking our network to amplify the generosity of Canadian tree planters to help grow the efforts of our colleagues on Pemba Island, Tanzania.

We're trying to match the amount that tree planters give dollar for dollar this season. And we’re proud to say that with the support of our partners at Brinkman and Associates Reforestation - a tree planting company that is covering all the overhead costs of this fundraiser - 100% of the money raised goes directly to Pemba. Learn more here.

Pemba island is located off the coast of East Africa and home to over 400,000 people.


Climate change affects us all, just not all equally. It is our shared challenge and it offers an opportunity to come together around solutions. Solidarity is the solution. Finding common ground, matching one good act with another, and sharing in the hard work of making positive change is living proof of a more hopeful future.

Please consider helpng to share our story and joining the effort here.

In solidarity,

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