Low impact Forestry and Horse Logging

by Community Forests International on October 29, 2012

Low impact Forestry and Horse Logging

We had lots of activity on the farm this past weekend. The most exciting of which was our Low Impact Forestry and Horse Logging Course. Peter de Graaf and his daughter Megan began by familiarizing participants with the forest type we would be working in. We examined the trail network and recent harvesting techniques employed by Peter and Megan. An interesting discussions followed that flushed out how and why certain decision were made in the stand. Notably, Peter discussed how openings in the canopy affect the undergrowth of specific species of trees, and how to select the trees to be cut when doing restoration forestry. We then took a horse into the woods and got a demo on how to work in the woods with these amazing creatures. On day two, Stephanie de Graaf joined us on the farm, and we dove into some hands-on learning in the forest. Participants had the opportunity to practice directional felling in a shelter-wood stand in the morning. Then after a delicious lunch of tamale pie, each participant tried their hand at the reins; driving the horses and yarding tree-length lumber. We finished with a demo on the log loader and the equipment necessary for doing low impact forestry with horses. Thanks so much to all who participated, and our lovely teachers, Peter, Megan and Stephanie de Graaf! What a family! Check out the photos from the weekend here.

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