Luke Patterson - Donor

by Community Forests International on December 22, 2013

Luke is no stranger to CFI. A veteran tree planter of 8 years, Luke planted trees alongside CFI’s founders when the organization was still just an idea. He continues to plant trees, and donates each year alongside hundreds of other Canadian tree planters in CFI’s annual “Plant for Pemba” Fundraiser. 

Q: You have been donating from day one. Did you ever think it would get this far?

Luke: I don’t know. No one involved really knew where it was going. It started really small. CFI was helping communities secure land, grow trees and plant them. It was a pretty simple approach that resonated with me. If someone told me that was going to grow and make the impacts it is now, I would have believed it though.


Q: In the end, what motivates you to work so hard planting trees and then to give it all away at the end on the fundraising day?

If you can imagine planting trees every day for 100 days, 1 day is a drop in the bucket. At the end of the day out won’t make a huge difference to me, but it has a huge impact for others. I know its going to a good cause and that my donation is not lost in translation. I’m happy to give it away. I’ve gotten a lot of great t-shirts for my contributions…(laughing)


Q: What’s the biggest lesson tree planting has taught you?

Tree planting is a lesson in hard work. It pushes you. In the end, you appreciate all the little things that a lot of people take for granted. When you experienced hard times, hard work… and being miserable, it humbles you and connects you to other people and you develop compassion for others.

Here’s to Luke, his fellow tree planters and Brinkman and Associates Reforestation who supported us from day-one. You helped build CFI's first community tree nurseries, and continue year after year to donate your hard earned pay to create positive transformation on the Island of Pemba. Thank you for being the catalyst for change!  More about tree planters and our in-camp fundraiser ‘Plant for Pemba’ at  or check out a video from the fundraiser at

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