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by Daimen Hardie on March 31, 2017

The diverse team at Forests Intl. shares one thing in common . . .

We care about forests and the people connected to them. This concern pushes us to constantly look for new and creative ways to support forests and forest communities around the world.

In New Brunswick, Canada we save roughly 250 acres of forestland every year. We purchase the land outright and add it to a steadily growing network of protected lands in the province. We work with these forests – creating meaningful employment for forest keepers – with the intention of handing them on to the next generation healthier than when we found them.

A forest’s timescale is so much longer than a single human life - where a single red spruce can live upwards of 400 years – and so we try to think like forests, on forest time.

The Acadian forest's diversity is its greates strength. Fundy National Park, New Brunswick. Photo: Craig Norris, Videoband.

New Brunswick’s forest is a blend of trees found nowhere else on earth. It’s called the Acadian forest and its range also includes Nova Scotia, Maine, and parts of Quebec. Today, only 5% of the Acadian forest survives in its natural state. Most of it has been cut over two or three times and is a shadow of its former abundance. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) lists the Acadian forest as critically endangered - in the highest risk category for extinction. [1]  Sadly, many rural communities that depend on a healthy Acadian forest face a similar fate.

The Acadian forest is resilient though. Like all life on this planet it wants to grow and thrive. We have witnessed its remarkable capacity for renewal firsthand. The potential lies dormant now, waiting for the right time and opportunity to thrive again. That same potential exists in many struggling rural communities today.

At Forests Intl. we believe the time and opportunity for the Acadian forest to return is now. Forests are one of our greatest allies in the fight against climate change and never have we so desperately needed them to flourish again. Our forest’s capacity for renewal is matched by its ability to pull carbon out of the atmosphere and store it safely where it belongs – back home on earth in trees and soil. The climate crisis has given us all yet another reason to care about forests.

Where there is opportunity for forests there is opportunity for the communities connected to them. The major shifts in the world economy now unfolding are creating an unprecedented demand for climate solutions. At Forests Intl. we believe that valueing trees for the ecosystem services they provide is one promising solution and we are working hard every day to bring this vision into reality, and to bring this new opportunity to our rural communities.

If you share our hopeful outlook please consider making a charitable donation to Community Forests International here. Your generosity makes our work possible.

- Daimen


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