New Nurseries Set Up

by Community Forests International on November 4, 2009

New nurseries were set up this fall in Kwale, Kilindi School, Shumba-Mjini and Furaha bringing the project total to 13 communities. Mbarouk Mussa Omar of Community Forests Pemba is proud that this project has gone to impact so many rural Pembans and hopes that the project will continue to grow with support from Community Forests International and their members.

Women from Shumba-Mjeni prepare potting material in nursery

Women prepare potting material in nursery

Inside the completed nursery

Inside the completed nursery

The nursery pictured above has become an important community center for the women of Shumba-Mjini. Several community members use this central space to gossip and exchange news away from their homes, while others take advantage of the shade to weave handicrafts or baskets.

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