Nick Thompson - CFI Apprentice

by Community Forests International on December 19, 2013

One of CFI’s first apprentices, Nick helped pave the way at Whaelghinbran Farm, teaching us far more than we taught him. We asked him to help us understand what brought him to CFI and why he continues to be a part of the team.


Q: How did you hear about CFI?

Through my friend Sebastian Manchester. He knew that me and a group of my friends were interested in working together on a farm for the summer, so he put us in touch with Jeff.


Q: How was the experience?

Good. I was encouraged to do a lot of different things. Failure wasn’t a problem. When I wasn’t farming, I attended a lot of CFI’s workshops. I got to try a lot of different things. It was the first time I built a composting toilet and worked on a yurt. I also got my chainsaw safety certificate. Most importantly  I learned what a forest really was. I went into the forest everyday. A few steps into the woods and everything changed.


Q: Any memorable moments from your time apprenticing?

We had the idea to build a compost heated hot water system for our shower because the pond had dried up and we were getting pretty dirty. We didn’t know if it would work, but it did.  We got it really cooking and occasionally it got too hot! That, and the weeks I spent with Peter deGraff horse logging in the woods.


Q: What inspires you to stay involved?

CFI takes things from the imagination and makes them real. There are so many great ideas out there, but they don’t make an impact because they never get realized. CFI is great at conceptualizing ideas, sharing them and making them happen. They make it look easy.


Thanks to our friend Nick and all the CFI apprentices for helping us understand ourselves better. Your ideas and passion continue to inspire us. If your interested in getting involved at Whaelghinbran, we've opened up our latest building project there to the public - learn more at:

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