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by Jeff Schnurr on December 9, 2013

Thanks to our supporters   

Over the past year we’ve notice something special about our donors.

Our donors don’t give to us because they believe that they have to, out of guilt or charity. They don’t give because they believe that the world should be a better place, they give because they believe that it can be.

At Community Forests International, we took a chance when we decided to put rural communities at the forefront of positive change. We took a chance when we believed that the traditional development model could be turned on its head – with the solutions of tomorrow coming from the people that need them the most. When we believed that rural individuals were the experts, capable of transforming their landscapes and communities, we worried that we were alone. We worried that maybe we were wrong. Maybe good ideas, no matter where they came from, couldn’t change the world.

You showed us that good ideas mattered. Hundreds of donors came forward to share our belief. We’re inspired and can’t wait to see what we can achieve together, standing against all odds with those that believe as we do. 2013 was a great year.

2014 will be even better.

A sincere thanks to all the people that gave generously. Thanks to all those that believe that we can work together to foster transformative change from the bottom up.


The following list includes some of our 2013 donors. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Marc Spence
James and Wendy Burnett
Aaron and Shelly Shantz
Brunswick Optical
Kathleen Cooper
Adriana Kuiper
Compact Appliances
Anne Crocker
Elizabeth Melason and Paul Rusnock
Stephen Claxton-Oldfield
Diane Knox and John Sylvester
Charles and Jean Scobie
Mount Allison Students Union
St Andrews Presbyterian Church
Charles and Jean Scobie
M.C and K.L Wallace
David Rutherford Stategry Consulting
Glen Pearce and K. Ann Pearce
Susan J Bigger
James R Goodwin
Thomas Sutherland
James R Anderson Architect Ltd
Toni Ellis
Jane E Kilburn-Boyle
Margaret Fox
C. Thompson
Douglas McConnell Architect Ltd
Tina Murphy
Harry and Helen Hymus
Stephen Kouri
Kassim A. Abdullah
Remi Donelle
Emily Schnurr
Theresa Richards
Mathieu LeBlanc (ACFOR Inc.)
Greg Judelman
Craig Evans
Tyrrell Hurley
John Duchemin
Andrew Sharpe
Jeff Ranson
Dan Schnurr
Kyle Blades
Jeff MacDonnell
David Fitzpatrick
Margeret Ann and Ross Galbraith
Samuel and Sophie LeBlanc
Anna Haanstra
Allan Bean
Ben Reid Howells
Daria Khachi
Ajung Moon
Stephanie Pronk
Chris Ricketts
Judi Tetro
Najat Abdou-McFarland
Jeff Schnurr
Barbara Drake-Land
Ian Gray
Anne Robinson
Llewellyn John Applegath
David McKellar
Susan Fisher
Peter Hardie
Michel Biron
Elizabeth Braid
Peter Mesheau
Pearl Hardie
Susan and Steven Trevor
Heather Gauvin

Linda Foy
John Redding
Jonathan Yazer
Megan de Graaf
Mark Hagesteijn
Paula Schnurr
Craig Applegath
Jane Thompson
Edith Melanson
Fredette Frame
Bill Cook
Lauren Roberts
Sheelagh Callaghan
Aaron Wood
Camille Chandra
William Douglas Frame
Janise Herridge
Emily Schnurr
Alissa Sylvester
Heather Howe
Jasmine Tehara
Alec Hay
Tyler Gilchrist
Charles Lau
Ruth Crammond
Meg Masters
Susan Mole Cedar Grove Management
Marc Chalifoux
John Fry
John and Catherine Grant
Jane McCarthy
John King
Eloise Bellemont
Stephen Ryan Bentley
Lindsay Rowland
Matt Cable
Charles Marshall
Georgia Klien
Lyndi Woo
Andrew Sharpe
Kelly Callaghan
Mark Graeme
Alia Karim
Rachael Bedard
Sarah Goulding
Max Fisher
Guy Gautreau
Thaddeaus Halownia
Jonathan Kearns
Thomas Hirschmann
Joan Kendall
Richard Dickson
Mohamed Gold
John Quinn
Roman Mychajlowycz
Dan Schnurr
Naomi Campbell
Jill Holmes
Jeremy Bones
Chris Boyle
Laura Reinsborough
John Lyons
Tristen Truyens
Max Fisher
John and Paula Thoma
Savayda Jarone
Margeret Gouqill 
Araf Khaled

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