by Jeff Schnurr on October 7, 2015

We cannot do it alone.


Community Forests International depends on the support of our partners. These leaders in sustainability have worked in collaboration to develop new and innovative ways to connect their clients, communities, ideas and aspirations in order to create some serious impact.


Carbon Partners

Our climate is changing.

Long-term weather patterns have been altered due to the greenhouse gasses humanity has emitted into the atmosphere.  We need to be accountable for our emissions, we need to reduce our emissions and we need to build partnerships that allow us to restore balance. We have connected with the following partners to do just that.

DIALOG is a fully integrated multi-disciplinary design firm incorporating architectural, engineering, interior design, urban design and landscape architecture and has been recognized as a Top Employer in Canada.

Since 2010, DIALOG has demonstrated environmental leadership by offsetting over 14,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in order to render their business activities carbon neutral. To offset emissions on DIALOG’s behalf, Community Forests International has acquired and secured 436 acres endangered forest and managed the forests in order to grow bigger trees and store carbon.

Free & Easy Traveler is a tour operator currently offering over 160 unique adventures to 12 different countries in the regions of Southeast Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Since 2012, Free & Easy Traveler has worked to make travel an act of conservation. All off the company’s staff travel is offset through the conservation and management of endangered forests. Free & Easy Traveler also plants a tree for every one of their travelers in either Tanzania or Canada through their Protect Where You Play Program.

The Gaia Project is a Canadian charity working to educate students on energy, climate change and sustainability issues. The Gaia project offsets the emissions associated with their Mobile Energy Centre, a hands-on learning lab that has provided alternative energy education to 3500 students.  


Forest Partners

Pound for Pemba with Brinkman and Associates
Since the beginning, Community Forests International has been supported by Canadian tree-planters and Brinkman and Associates Reforestation. Through the annual Pound for Pemba campaign, Canadian planters take one day a year and donate their earnings in order to support tree-planting activities in Pemba, Tanzania. Tree planters have donated $185,000 to date - helping plant 1.5 million trees for food, timber and conservation on the Island.

Canadian National Railway Company and Tree Canada, a not-for profit charitable organization.
CN uses the equivalent of 600,000 trees for the replacement of aging railway ties and as such, CN has undertaken to replant the trees they use across the country along the lines it services. 

Tree Canada, a not-for-profit charitable organization, has been partnering with CN to facilitate tree planting opportunities of this scale. In 2015, Community Forests International and their partners CFC planted 71,250 trees on behalf of CN and Tree Canada.

Adorable Chocolate - Gourmet and handmade chocolate confection.
Eat a Tree, Plant a Tree.  The concept is simple: for every chocolate Christmas tree sold by Adorable Chocolate, Community Forests International plants a tree in Pemba.

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