by Community Forests International on March 19, 2010

Hello everyone, this will be a quick update as I have no photos and I hope one of us will be able to put together  a proper post soon.  Since Zach arrived we’ve been a busy team, assisting communities with final preparations for the planting season.  We spent a couple days this week in Uwandani, providing training in the assessment and management of planting sites, and the community is on track to plant at least 30,000 trees this season.  As I may have mentioned in an earlier post,  Uwandani has yet to have their land surveyed.  Now that we know them better we are very motivate to try and raise the necessary funds for the survey.  Land security is essential for such long-term investments in the environment and community as tree-planting.

 We’re also in the final stages of constructing a ‘press machine’ for the production of organic seedling containers.  The material of choice in the tropics for raising seedlings is polyethylene, a relatively expensive and wasteful external resource.  To produce an alternative we are adapting a design provided by the Legacy Foundation, originally intended for the production of a charcoal substitute.  The ‘press’ is a simple manually operated machine that compresses mixed organic waste into a mold, and by experimenting with different mold sets and mixes we hope to come up with something suitable for raising seedlings in.  If each community nursery were provided with a ‘press’ they could reduce their ecological footprint and increase their self-sufficiency not only in terms of seedling containers but also in the production of a charcoal substitute for local households.

The next post will include photos of the ‘press’, but in the meantime those interested can check out the Legacy Foudation’s website.

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