Pemba Tree Planting Continues…

by Community Forests International on September 25, 2012

Rural Tanzanian villages have continued to improve their natural environment through community-based tree planting. This year 11 communities have worked to plant over 300,000 trees – our biggest planting year ever!

Observing Seedling Growth

As our program continues to grow, we’ve also started working a few food crops into the mix. By planting a row of trees and a row of vegetables our planting communities can harvest food while waiting for timber and fruit trees to mature. This style of planting is called agroforestry. Here’s a few pictures of agroforestry in action.

Collected Seeds are Inspected

Pineapple Suckers Planted by Trees

Agroforestry Officer Ali and CFI Program Director, Daimen Prep the Soil

As our project continues to grow we’ll continue to look for ways to innovate and improve our mission. What’s next you might ask? We’ll we’ve got trees, fruit, timber and food. How about honey? In the coming months CFI will be bringing beekeeping to the grassroots, adding another dimension to our community forests. 

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