Permaculture Begins…

by Community Forests International on January 5, 2010

Thanks to wi-fi conectivity here at Beeja, I will be able to send updates thoughout the week. Beeja is the name of the compound where I am studying. It is run by Amelie (who is hosting the workshop) and also houses other classes throughout the year. It is a beautiful spot, and I will post some photos of the house and gardens in the following days.

Class started today. It's looking like a very good group, with a wide range of people and perspectives. The instructor, who has been living in between India and Toas, New Mexico, is a gentleman named Richard Zook.

We're just getting into the main principles of permaculture, one I thought I would share here. Its called the Edge, and is the idea that the most variety and accumulation happens between two systems (or their edge). It's the interactions between these two systems that creates even more diversity and allows for greater possibilities. The principle is to optimize your edge in any given system or series of systems.

Examples of the edge are micro and macro, physical and invisible (social etc..) from ditch to coral reef.


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