Port Elgin Community Tree Planting

by Community Forests International on May 26, 2009

Volunteer members of Community Forests International, and Estelle Drisdelle, Community Forest International's Education Coordinator Canada joined up with Port Elgin Regional School to plant trees on school ground and community spaces. The trees were donated by Cornhill Nursery and were of species native to the Acadian Forest Ecoregion. The students that participated in the planting will participate in the Global Schools Link next fall, and will be connecting with other students from around the world to build a network of environmentally aware and empowered youth capible of facilitating positive world change.

Port Elgin is a rural community with a population of 451 citizens according to a 2006 census. By participating in the Global Schools Link, and in Community Forests International's education programming, this rural school has been given an opportunity to expand its vision, and to establish connections with other global regions, bringing our global community into their classroom.


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