Pound4Pemba 2016

by Zachary Melanson on July 14, 2016

Every year I travel to remote tree planting camps to update Canadian tree planters on our work and plant trees alongside them to help communities plant trees in Pemba. Every year I am blown away by the response.

This season, Canadian tree planters 'pounded' like never before and broke every record from years previous. All together tree planters raised a staggering $37,104.60! That is 233,034 trees planted in solidarity with Pembans!!! Planters in Ontario broke the record in that province by raising a mind-boggling $24,232.48 in 4 camps! We had the largest donation by a single camp ever (Chris Goetz's camp gave $6300!) only to have it beaten a week later by the Bison Crew (Tony's Camp with $8,500!!)

Tony's 'Bison Crew' 2016

Many people donated their entire day of planting to support our projects, and incredibly dozens of people were moved to give above and beyond what they had planted on that day! It's incredibly inspiring to see and a truly up-lifting experience.

To everyone who supports our work. I can’t thank you enough for being a part of Community Forests International, for sharing in our vision, getting dirty, and helping make that vision a reality. We couldn't do this without you!

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