Remembering Clark Phillips - From Deb Tyler

by Community Forests International on July 3, 2012

Blue-eyed magician Suspendered supra linear Between CBC radio streaming Whaelghinbran acres teeming speaking magical languages of Earth-Sky-Love Between Fresh ground spices slices of organic turnip beef Between 8pm and midnight Waiting to eat. Between Fat fingers gleaming over oiled cast pans baby buttered beet greens sweet breads and hams Between Roasted root veggies melting on tongues serving the masses one by one Between Scallops and lobsters bartered for kale Savoy cabbage roses preening for sale Between Lambs' Quarters' first green feast in Spring froze fingered brussel sprouts pot whistling Between The road less traveled Blake and Ferlinghetti Miles Davis, MJQ Peterson and Allende Between lists and meeting Bear-baring A valley free of poisons… green quilt Of decades in rotation Once ripe with Hogs and ducks, cows and a horse Dogs and cats and chickens… and of course deer, coons and crows…teasing Testing any illusions of ownership… Between Dusky dawn and twilight Market orders and stop lights Each tree known Each phrase honed Proud Stag…standing tall Between Harvest Banquets and Hospital visits Spruce Sentinels bow low To bearded elder in winter whites Beside MamaSue kitchen dancing Taste test play ranting Seamless soulful love ***Thank you Clark for you for teaching and testing me for loving me, for loving my mom and for caring for this land so long and well. I will miss you I love you Safe Journey Until we meet again.

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