Rob Campbell – Partner

by Community Forests International on December 29, 2013

By valuing the Carbon stored in forests, Free and Easy Traveler and their clients helped save Whaelghinbran Forest from being clear-cut. We caught up with co-owner Rob Campbell, to ask him what it means to be a CFI partner.


Q: How did you hear about CFI?

I heard about CFI in 2010 from a trip leader and Canadian tree planter Tad MacKenna.  Tad knew we were planting trees for our travellers, but pushed us to explore partnering with CFI.


Q: Why did you decide to partner with CFI?

We strive to be good global citizens. Our goal is to expose our travellers to meaningful and positive life experiences. That’s at the heart of what we offer our travellers. By offsetting our carbon emissions and planting trees, we can demonstrate a more responsible way to travel and hopefully inspire our clients and others to do the same.


Q: You recently visited Whaelghinbran Forest. Can you tell me about your trip?

I had a great time. I was able to walk through the forest with Jeff and Dale. It hit home that we had made a real impact… I mean, our forest is growing everyday! We talk about in the office quite a bit - how exciting it is to be involved in something like this. We helped CFI save a forest and got a lot of people thinking about what that means and how it fits in to the bigger picture.


Thanks to Rob, Curtis and Chad of Free and Easy Traveler for helping demonstrate and share the future of airline travel. Learn more about our carbon offsetting program at

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