Salume’s Story

by Community Forests International on December 8, 2017


This month, Community Forests International is sharing the impact our supporters are having on the lives of everyday people on Pemba Island, Tanzania - one of the world's most threatened regions.

These stories come from farmers, fishermen, and families on the frontlines of climate change who are are blazing a new path for us all. We hope that they inspire you with the ability we all have to make a positive impact in this world. Tuko pamoja - we are together.


Meet Salume,

Like all farmers, Salume follows the weather closely. She has noticed the temperature rise and the rains become more unpredictable. Nothing is more vital to her crops than water – and climate change is making access to water a real challenge.

This past spring, after two years of hands-on training, Salume and her sisters Fatuma and Fatma expanded from their successful kitchen gardens to a small joint family farm. By saving the earnings from their gardens, the trio was able to lease land behind their home to expand their business. With more land came more opportunity, but it also presented a new challenge – how to find a consistent supply of water to ensure their crops would thrive, regardless of unpredictable rainfall?

Taking on the challenge head-on, Salume and her sisters teamed up with Community Forests International to install a drip-irrigation system on their farm. The sisters applied for a community loan and pooled their farm-earnings to dig a well, install a pump and purchase a small water tank for the gravity fed irrigation-system. Now, Salume and her Sisters are growing crops well into the dry season – and have the peace of mind to know that despite the weather, they can grow food for themselves and others – even in the dry years to come.

Thanks to our supporters, 10 other farm families are part of a drip-irrigation pilot program across Pemba. Farmer Field Schools provide remote classrooms right in communities and act as local resource hubs for demonstration and knowledge sharing - highlighting local successes and empowering people like Salume to become leaders and teachers.

Invest In Salume

With a monthly donation of $65 we can establish a new Farmer Field Scool at Salume's family farm - sharing knowledge and grassroots solutions to poverty and climate change.  Not ready to give monthly? Make a one-time donation. Every little bit helps!



Growing Change

From helping communities protect their endangered forests to enabling women in Pemba to create their own green businesses, Community Forests International is committed to working in partnership with people and communities to fight poverty in ways that heal the planet. Please read on and learn how we're putting your generous donations to work in our collective fight against climate change.  



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