Taking action with friends and supporters.

by Community Forests International on September 24, 2013

How do you respond when natural habitats are destroyed and clear, pure freshwater is polluted?  It’s the sort of problem we address almost daily at CFI; sometimes with our partners in Tanzania and sometimes closer to home.  Last fall, insult was added to injury when a clear cut logging operation on public land near Whaelghinbran started causing large amounts of silt to travel over our land and into the brook that flows through the heart of our farm.  The silt is a form of pollution -it makes the clear brook water run dark brown and it’s capable of clogging fish gills and suffocating their eggs. 

We witnessed firsthand a breach in the loggers’ temporary silt barriers last weekend. Confronted with yet another severe siltation event impacting the Whaelghinbran brook, CFI put out a call for help and took action with friends and supporters.  Together, with a lot of hard work and sweat, we constructed a contoured hay bale barrier to halt further siltation of the brook.  And in true CFI fashion we designed the barrier to work with nature over time, to grow into a living terrace capable of buffering future siltation events naturally. 

Thank you to everyone who helped out  – digging trenches, driving stakes, and spreading bales - we couldn’t have done it without your energy and support.      

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