Tempo Africa Highlights CFI's efforts in Tanzania

by Community Forests International on December 3, 2010

Tempo Africa - an online magazine for the forward thinking African woman has featured CFI's project in Tanzania. Tempo joins the many around the continent in celebrating the contributions various Africans are making to re-define the future of the continent. Tempo takes a unique approach of speaking especially to young women who feel a sense loyalty to their country and the continent of Africa, who have big dreams, are inspired by stories of creativity, ingenuity and compassion, and who want to connect with like-minded young women whether she lives in Africa, the Diaspora or moves between both!

In the early days, Pemba Island was called Al Jazeera, meaning ‘The Green Island’. Pemba is one of the islands constituting the nation of Zanzibar in Tanzania and is rich in natural resources. In last 10 years however, Pemba has experienced a 25% decrease in the annual marine catch...

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