The Beginning of My CFI Adventure

by Ran Sommer on June 9, 2014

Flying from Vancouver, BC and landing in Sackville, NB in the evening last week was a shock, to say the least. Where was the city noise? The traffic? No high rises or mountains in the distance either. Sackville seems to be running low on those, but the first thing I noticed after the fresh Maritime breeze were the bright and many stars lighting up the night sky. Welcome to Rural Canada, Ran! And what a welcome it has been. Joining the CFI team has been quite the experience so far, and has opened my eyes to a mentality and lifestyle that I hadn’t encountered before. 

As soon as I stepped into the CFI headquarters at the century-old schoolhouse, any doubts I had flew out the door behind me as I met the Community Forests International team. Never have I seen so much passion, positivity, and motivation fuelled by a cohesive hope and vision for a better future. I have learned more and more every day about the work that CFI does, and every day I find myself falling more into the mentality that fuels this incredible organization. This is a place where innovation and reality go hand in a hand, and ideas are treated with an open mind and a positive outlook— it’s more than enough to motivate anyone. 

CFI’s vision to find a better balance and more of an interaction between environmental conservation and economic development is treated from the same perspective; CFI leads by example by showing that living sustainably is more possible today than ever before and can benefit everyone in the process. Thinking past the present defines Community Forests International, and I have never been so proud to be part of such an inspiring and committed team. 

As I continue my journey with CFI, I look forward to learning more about what we, as a society are capable of doing, and how we can find a way to make our impact on this planet a positive one.

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