The Restoration Trail

by Madeleine Smith on November 9, 2015

A Path to Homegrown Sustainability

On October 3, we opened our Restoration Trail at the Rural Innovation Campus – Whaelghinbran Farm in Sussex, N.B. This concludes a summer-long project that involved creating a 7 kilometre network of trails through Whaelghinbran Forest. The Restoration Trail highlights the healthy Acadian forest ecosystem, as well as CFI’s selection approach to forest management that sustains the ecosystem.

Dale Prest, the lead on the trail project explains, “The trail will help us to see more clearly how the different forest types link up and interact. For example, you can see how a forest transitions from softwood to hardwood, and what’s in between. It’s interesting to find the places where the transition happens abruptly, and to explore why this happens.” Dale is CFI’s Ecosystems Services Specialist.

To complete the project, several young New Brunswickers were hired and trained in trail building, an example of how environmental programming can support New Brunswick by creating skill-building jobs. You can find out more from this CBC article about our work.

The next and final step in the trail building will be to establish a self-guided interpretive walk, making Whaelghinbran Forest more accessible to the public and providing the opportunity for people to learn about healthy New Brunswick forests, and sustainable woodlot management. Our hope is that the multipurpose trails will attract nature lovers and adventurers alike!

With many thanks to the sponsors of the Restoration Trail:


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