Together we change the world.

by Daimen Hardie on October 8, 2014

"Pamoja tunaibadilisha dunia kutoka changamoto zetu tunatengeneza nafasi.  Jamii zetu wamebadilisha jinsi ya kuishi na kufanya kazi. Sote ni viongozi.  Sote tunajenga vitu vipya.  Tunafanya kazi kwa maelewano na mazingira yetu ya dunia.  Siyo dhamana yet utu, ni uwezo wetu." - Community Forests Pemba (Swahili)

This is the powerful new vision statement shared by Community Forests International (CFI) and our local partners Community Forests Pemba (CFP).  It is the product of a strategic session carried out at our Canada office yesterday with our Tanzanian partners; an inspiring day in which we reflected on what motivates us as a group, what our past successes and mistakes have been, and where we now dream of taking our collective work. In English, the statement translates as:

"Together we change the world.  Through shared challenges we create opportunity.  Our communities are transforming how we live and work.  We are all leaders.  We all innovate.  We work in harmony with the natural world. It is not just our responsibility, it is our potential." - Community Forests International

Today we will use this guiding vision to begin crafting a long-term strategic plan for our two sister organizations.  We will establish the objectives, principles, policies, and methods necessary to achieving our common goals.  Where we once relied mostly on intuition and hope, going forward will now also employ some hard-won experience and a calculated strategy based on a clear understating of our capabilities.  In a nutshell, as organizations we’re growing up. 

It’s a very exciting time for us, and we look forward to sharing the occasion with our network and supporters.  We will continue posting the results of our strategic planning here, and for those of you in Maritimes we invite you to a soirée at the Cranewood Manor in Sackville, N.B tomorrow to celebrate.  Come and hear how your continued support has empowered Tanzanian communities to make their own change - changing lives while carving a path forward for vulnerable communities around the world.

Meet our Tanzanian Partners

When: Thursday October 9th at 7:30pm

Where: Cranewood Manor, 113 Main St. Sackville N.B.

Please RSVP to Estelle Drisdelle, at your earliest convenience. $10 at the door and space is limited. 

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