Tree planting at Two Schools on Pemba

by Community Forests International on May 19, 2010

On the 18th of May, CFI and CFI's sister organisation, Community Forests Pemba, travelled to Uweleni Secondary School and Ng'ombeni primary school in Mkoani, Pemba to help plant over 100 trees. CFP brought mtondoo -- a native hardwood -- seedlings, cinnamon seedlings, and lychee seedlings.  Lychee is a native fruit tree which produces a small, sweet, spikey, red fruit.

Pemba is a very hilly region, and erosion is constant worry for both schools during the rainy season. So, with the help of CFP and CFI, students took to the hills around their schools to plant the trees as a way to prevent catastrophic erosion and conserve their environment.  More photos are coming soon...


Two students planting an mtondoo seedling.

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