Tundaua Nursery Visit

by Community Forests International on April 10, 2009

A member of Community Forests International visits Tundaua with the Misali Island Conservation Association (MICA) in order to see another nursery set up with funds rasied through the Brinkman and Associates Reforestation Ltd. fundraiser held in 2008. This fundrasier saw Canadian planters pledging a portion of their earnings in order to set up nurseries and provide workshops and trainings sessions within the communities in which Community Forests International operates in Pemba, Tanzania.

Pictured at right, Community Forests International co-founder, Jeff Schnurr, explains to MICA Executive Director, Masoudi Juma, how Pemban communities can cultivate symboitic Mycorrhizal (fungal) relationships in order to increase plant growth and seedling durability. Mycorrhiza absorbs carbohydrates created by the tree through photsynthesis and in exchange allows the tree to use the mycelium's massive network in order to absorb nutrients and minerals from the soil. The mycelium network connects all plants through their root systems in a forest ecosystem, creating pathways that facilitates nutrient exchange between plants.

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