Utaani Online

by Community Forests International on January 24, 2011

Last week Utaani Secondary School, located in Wete, Pemba, was reconnected to the internet after more than two years of absence from the world wide web. In 2006 the school received a computer lab and internet services via a government program, however late in 2008 the funding for the program ran out and the internet services were cut off. Now, thanks to the generous contributions of Community Forests International supporters we are please to announce that Utaani Secondary is back online and looking to participate in the Global Schools Link Program ( Currently teachers are reactivating their email accounts, while student access to the lab is expected later this week. The lab will also act as an internet cafe for the local public, providing a sole access point in the community and also a potential revenue earner to help the school continue the service into the future. Many thanks to all those who have donated to CFI projects and watch out for the Utaani Secondary Environmental Club coming to the Global Schools Link soon!

Teachers at Utaani surfing the web

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