Visit to Vitongoji and Pujini to view 2008 growth

by Community Forests International on April 9, 2009

Pujini experienced exceptional growth in the trees planted near to the community (pictured at right), but some of the trees planted in sites further from the community fell victim to browsing goats and cattle. The community is working to establish a Collaborative Natural Resource Management Plan that will allow for the demarcation of specific areas in which cattle and goats must be tied, while leaving other areas open to free range.

As land use patterns change, it is important for Community Forests International, MICA and the communities they work in, to build a framework in which the trees planted are protected, while leaving some areas open to traditional methods of farming or cattle grazing. MICA works to mediate between different community groups on the local level, and once all sides are heard and the environmental impacts of unrestricted livestock grazing over the community's land base are realized, the community of Pujini devise a medium in which all sides are satisfied.

The trees planted in the coral rag grounds of Vitongoji on the Eastern side of Pemba grew unrestricted, some of which measured 12 feet of growth in under one year. Pictured below, MICA Executive Director Masoud Juma stands beside a Mvinje (Casuarina) tree planted in May of 2008.

Trees planted last year

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