Visit to Vyamboni Nursery

by Community Forests International on April 6, 2009

Our day commenced by visiting a nursery established in Vyamboni thanks to contributions made by Canadian tree planters in 2008, through Brinkman and Associates Reforestation Ltd. This nursery has experienced the highest survival rate out of any of the island’s nurseries. This nursery is being managed by Vyamboni’s Mazingira (Environment) Cooperation Society, a village based grass-roots organization concerned with conserving their natural resources. The society planted Acacia trees donated by the Department of Commercial Crops Fruits and Forests in 1991, and has lacked the resources to continue their conservation efforts since then. This village nursery will allow those residing in the Vyamboni village to grow the tree species of their choice and to plant without a dependency on donations. According to Abdalla, head of the Mazingira Cooperation Society the nursery houses close to 35,000 seedlings.

After visiting the nursery, Community Forests International visited the planted community forests established in 1991. Many local species have grown up in the Acacia understory, and many of these trees have been identified as seed sources for the community nursery. Community members are not allowed to harvest wood from this forest, and if caught doing so, must pay a penalty fee to the society group. Abdalla stated that the resources of their community must be conserved if they want to allow their children to know and understand the tree species they have come to depend upon.

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