Wete, Pemba

by Community Forests International on February 15, 2010

Estelle and I are now on Pemba Island and staying with Mbarouk Mussa Omar, the director of CFI's projects on Pemba.  Mbarouk and his family are very gracious hosts, and we will be staying with them for a short while until our home nearby is ready for us to move in.

We arrived on Pemba at Mkoani via a fast ferry that left most of the passengers sea sick and glad for the end of the journey.  There we were greeted by Mike Tritchler, a CFI member who has been living and teaching on the island for three years now.  We were fortunate to have arrived in time to take in a climate change education session presented by Mike,  of which I believe he will be posting some photos and details here soon.  Since Mike is living on Pemba, and given his background and interests, he will be heavily involved in the development and direction of the Pemba Sustainability Institute that I mentioned in a previous post.

Tomorrow we will be meeting with the Sheha (leader) of Wangani, a Shehia (group of villages) that is interested in developing community tree planting in their region.  After that we will travel to Tundaua, a Shehia with ongoing projects, to assess the progress of their tree-planting efforts and help troubleshoot some the obstacles they have been encountering.

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