Wete Permaculture Garden

by Community Forests International on April 8, 2010

In Wete, I rounded up some young members of the community to help me plant a Permaculture garden on a small piece of land in the village. The idea was to show how you can grow a lot of food in a small area, something I hope will be evident when the food continues to grow. Of course, I had to find a balance between what I thought was best and what my assistants thought was best. It was fun to involve some young women in activities they normally wouldn’t participate in, and allowing them to lead how the garden was to be put together and planted.




Slowly we can show a different way of doing things that can allow for greater yield, but also giving people a chance to teach us in return is important.

However, just getting out and doing things with the community in the village is also important, as foreigners don’t travel to Pemba often, and building trust can allow for success of projects in the future.


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