Whaelghinbran Farm Update: Watercourse Restoration

by Community Forests International on June 14, 2013

This year, we are continuing to work hard at Whaelghinbran Farm and Forest , to create a center of sustainability, ecological resilience and a place to come and learn. As every month passes we learn and grow with the farm as we explore, tidy, fix, farm, restore, build, fell and plant trees.

We want to be sure to take everything into account. We want leave a place better than we found it - a step up from “do no harm”. We observe and interact, value our resources, consult with professionals, rely on past knowledge and invite you to join.

We are continuing to monitor and restore the brook that runs through the valley at Whaelghinbran farm: to see what is there, what could be better, and how it changes over time. All of us - are the stewards of freshwater for future generations, and it is important to care for the water we have, however small it may seem.

Meet our small watercourse restoration team that will monitor the brook for the second year:

Peter Hardie Retired Aquatic Technician with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Peter is helping us for the second year, lending a hand and his knowledge of watercourse assessment.

Norma-Jean Rogers Honours student with Mount Allison University Norma-Jean is helping to assess invertebrates (water insects) in the brook to see if we have any sensitive species. If not, hopefully we can work to create appropriate habitat for them.

Estelle Drisdelle Education and Program Coordinator, CFI. Estelle is currently studying ecological restoration with the University of Victoria and continues to manage many restoration projects for CFI including tree planting, brook restoration, and food forest gardening. 

Georgia Klein Assistant Professor, Mount Allison University Georgia will bring us a bus full of students from Mount Allison University to Whaelghinbran Farm for the third time. The students get hands-on field work experience and help us with our data collection.        

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