“What types of trees do you plant in Pemba?”

by Community Forests International on July 21, 2013

Community nurseries in Pemba are now raising over 30 different species and every season a few more are added to the roster. We thought we'd share profiles of these trees with you all in an attempt to set the record straight – at least until next season! 

Kiswahili: Mtondoo English: Alexandrian laurel Latin: Calophyllum inophyllum Mtondoo is a relatively slow growing evergreen preferred for boat building on Pemba Island. It's a beautiful tree with glossy leaves and fragrant white flowers. Mtondoo are very hardy and can withstand wind, drought, salt spray, and occasional flooding common in coastal and lowland areas; a great tree for coastal soil stabilization, it promises to become increasingly important on Pemba Island in light of climate change related sea level rise. This year CFI's community nurseries have raised over 25,000 Mtondoo seedlings, and local staff are now also leading 'direct seeding' activities with this species. Preparing and planting Mtondoo seeds directly into the growing site greatly reduces the time and energy required to carry out reforestation, and when done properly seeded trees often out-preform nursery-raised stock in their first year.

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