Winning designer, Nathan Fisher, donates his $1,000 prize to Community Forests International!

by Daimen Hardie on March 11, 2014

With 57 inspiring designs pouring in from around the world, CFI’s cabin design contest couldn’t have been a bigger success.  Or so we thought - until contest winner Nathan Fisher surprised everyone by kindly donating his winnings back to CFI! 

“As a designer I really appreciate the generous prize for competitions such as this one and the effort to find a sponsor,” said Fisher. “I would however, like to donate the entire amount to CFI. I was unaware of CFI's initiatives until this competition and have come to really appreciate the work that has been done and goals for the future.”

The news thrilled everyone at CFI, because it shows that the organization’s work can really resonate with new members of its network and community.  This is critical to building momentum for CFI’s expanding mission.  The generous donation also contributes in a very tangible way to this mission, as it will be used to purchase building materials for the Nomadic Cabin – helping  to realize the vision of establishing a Rural Innovation Campus at Whaelghinbran Farm.

With a winning design and $1,000 in hand, CFI now enters an interpretation and pre-building phase. Before the building season opens up, the Nomadic Cabin design concept will be flushed out on paper in as much detail as possible and key building components will be refined.  These components include: the undercarriage, to keep the cabin true to its name; the source and selection of various building materials, in keeping with CFI’s ethics and principles; the photovoltaic energy system; and the wood heater.

CFI will share this entire process, and will be looking for ideas and input to help make key decisions along the way.  Please consider getting involved!  Our first topic of discussion is the wood heater, and I’ve posted a new question under our innovation section to gather your examples and ideas – “How does a forest-keeper turn wood into heat?”

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